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So, I made a silly journal about unpopular opinions on DA because I’ve never done so before. Normally my journal is the -last- place I put any of my opinions, because who really gives a fuck what I think. However, only one of my opinions proved to be controversial enough to…

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lesbians who like FTMs…





a lot of guys i follow are always talking about “lesbians” liking FTMs and how it’s so wrong and offensive. i can see the argument that if a “lesbian” likes specifically FTMs exclusively for the fact that they “have a vagina” then it is illegitimizing to our status as male. but i can honestly say i disagree with that point of view. as much as most trans people are against categorization and labels and being put into a box, it seems messed up that they’re putting these “lesbians” into such a limiting box themselves. i don’t think any of these women are saying that they only like FTMs for the fact that they are not a cismale. my girlfriend in general has identified as a lesbian. but she also does not completely fit into that box. all i know is, she’s attracted to me. she sees me as a male and treats me as one. and that’s all i care about. maybe it’s because i am more secure in my identity (only lately though), but it doesn’t bother me even if she told people she was a lesbian and dating me. and her identifying as a lesbian in no way illegitimizes my identification as male and vice versa. words are simply creations of humans. they don’t have meaning except that which you assign to them. who cares if a girl identifies as lesbian and finds you attractive? that’s like a straight girl saying “don’t tell me you find me attractive, lesbian. it illegitimizes my heterosexuality.” get over yourself. get some confidence and self-esteem and learn to appreciate people being attracted to you regardless of how they identify. and stop judging others and putting words into their mouths.

Are you stupid? Words have meanings. Lesbian means woman who is attracted to other women. She puts herself in that box as soon as she starts calling herself a lesbian. If a lesbian is attracted to you, she doesn’t see you as a man. She sees you as a woman, oh she doesn’t? Then why does she call herself a woman who is only attracted to women? There’s a word for people who like both men and women and that’s bi-sexual. If you had you been born with a cock she wouldn’t have looked at you twice? That doesn’t sound like liking someone for them or their brain etc. I know I sound harsh right now but seeing as you said “get over yourself. get some confidence and self-esteem and learn to appreciate people being attracted to you regardless of how they identify”.

I don’t “identify” as male, I have transsexualism  I struggle with sex dysphoria and every morning I have to wake up and be faced with a body that does not belong to me. I look at my own body and feel disgust and wrap myself in bed and don’t even want to face the world because sometimes I hate myself too much for it. Why the fuck should I be grateful that someone likes me because I have something that makes me miserable? Why should I be happy that someone wants me because I have parts that I’m completely disconnected with? She likes me because because of something that has given me depression and anxiety? Shut up and get the fuck over yourself and don’t say shit like this to people. Just because you are ok with being fetishsized doesn’t mean we all have to be. 

Also why would someone who likes a man call herself a woman who only likes women? It’s stuff like that makes sexist straight men think all lesbians want men or that there’s no such thing as a woman who illegitimately only likes women. It perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

Oh.  I feel like this post is emotional but I’m going to respond to it in my cold, clinical way because apparently that’s what I’m good at.  

I think lesbian as a SEXual orientation (i.e. females attracted to females), yes, it makes sense that someone who is female would be attracted to someone else with a female body (which would include FtM individuals depending on their anatomy).  Sexual orientation has to do with SEX, not gender, gender identity, etc.  

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I can understand the attraction to some pre-T trans guys, just because quite a few can’t pass. Hell, even myself, before I was on T, I was maybe 50/50 as far as my passing rate. It’s very hard to be anything farther than androgynous without hormones.

And while I don’t think it’s right, I can understand why a lesbian might be attracted to a transguy pre-T, especially if this guy is in the closet about being trans or they just don’t know him too well. I don’t think it’s right, I think it’s very offensive to trans guys, but I can see a lesbian underestimating the power of hormones and attempting to go into a relationship with an FtM.

That’s why I think there’s some pre-T guys that can be with lesbians. The lesbians don’t see any difference between their relationship with the guy and previous lovers, because there haven’t had any biological changes. But then, the hormones come, and so too does the deep voice, the hair, the muscles (or fat). And then there’s this realization, that “Oh shit, I’m dating a guy.”

But what I don’t understand is why it’s always the FtMs who are expected to “get over” the fact that they’re dating a lesbian or that a lesbian is attracted to them. If you can’t get over your biological attraction to women, then why should we be expected to get over our biological need to transition? We can no more avoid transitioning than you can avoid not being attracted to men….it’s impossible. And if you’re still attracted to that FtM you want, then you need to rethink your so-called “identity” as a lesbian because you’re dating a man. Last time I checked, the definition of a lesbian is a woman who is sexually attracted elusively to women. That just begs the question - how are you a lesbian if you’re dating a man? So, if you love this guy enough, then you need to either rethink your “identity” or you need to move on because you’re dating someone who is most certainly not a woman.

So, to the OP: Go on hormones. Give it a year and see if your lesbian girlfriend is still happy to accept your transition. Or, better yet, go ask Jamison Green and see how his relationship worked out once he started to transition.

H&M and some other updates.

So, today, some of my friends and I decided to visit this sort of upscale shopping district in our city. I wanted to go because my friends had barely seen it and it’s a pretty nice looking location, so off we went. I also decided that I wanted to go to H&M, partly because I had never been and partly because I had heard some good things about it being a nice place for shorter guys.

I should probably provide some reference. Since I started testosterone, my clothes have been slipping off of me. I had some really freaking wide hips before I started, and so I had to buy pants that were entirely too big for me because nothing else would go past my ginormous hips. I used to be a 38 - nowadays I’m fitting in 34’s and skinny 36’s (normal 36’s are too baggy). I tend to lean towards skinny 36’s, just because they fit me comfortably, though I imagine that will change as more of this fat redistributes to places that are not my hips. Anyways, as far as inseam, I tend to be about a 30. Weirdly enough, I’ve found that I can wear 32’s as well, but anything more than that is just too long.

And in general…I’m sure as hell not skinny, but I also don’t consider myself massively huge. The longer I’ve been on T, clothes have fit me so much better - things that were once tight on me are now insanely loose. I thought I realized that body shapes were different before T, but not to this extent. If I had to compare myself to anyone, I’d probably say I’m like a short (I’m only 5’7.5-ish) Seth Rogan as far as body type.

But, back to the story…I went in H&M looking for decent fitting pants for short guys. So I go in, and I find that there’s a whole section of pants that are only 19.99, which is pretty good for pants. I look for 36’s, because they looked to be fairly skinny as far as the way they were tailored, and they only had one inseam - a 36! I also looked at the 34’s and I think they had 34 inseam, though I don’t remember. Either way, it was insane! I pulled down the pants off of the rack, and they just fell to the floor when I put them against my waist. I don’t know what kind of giant they made those pants for, but holy crap. That said, I don’t think I’ll ever return to H&M in search of pants, and I don’t really suggest it for other short guys with wide hips. Though, they do have nice shirts.

I did, however find something out that’s awesome. There are great fitting jeans at American Eagle and Forever 21. Most Forever 21’s don’t have men’s sections, but this one had a tiny corner dedicated to it - I guess they only show up when the store is called XXI. Both of them had 36/32 pants and they fit me really comfortably, not sliding off my butt, but not clinging to my legs.

In other news, I’m passing constantly. The last time I was misgendered was because I was with “friends” from my high school, back in December. They were pissing me off about it, and it just reminds me of how big the separation is in comparison to my past and present. Definitely an awkward reminder of the hell that I came from.

Also, I learned what I’m assuming a lot of guys think when they see a guys sitting in the stalls. I think it’s obvious that they aren’t instantly thinking “FtM” - that’s just us being paranoid. But some guy was talking to me through the stall and I could tell he was thinking I had to take a crap and pee ended up coming out too. So, don’t get too freaked out about using the stalls, it’s really not so bad.




Ok, so I get that you call your doctor, have them fax or phone the prescription, and then they get it.

What I don’t understand is how do you pay for it? They don’t seem to have any online methods of payment, so what do you do? I don’t really understand.

Can someone just tell me what you need to do? Because I’m kind of bothered by the lack of information.

once they receive your prescription from either yourself by mail or your doctor by fax/phone then they will call you and get your credit card info.


Not sure how I feel about giving my credit card information over the phone, but I suppose I’ll have to suck it up for the cheap price.

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Ok, so I get that you call your doctor, have them fax or phone the prescription, and then they get it.

What I don’t understand is how do you pay for it? They don’t seem to have any online methods of payment, so what do you do? I don’t really understand.

Can someone just tell me what you need to do? Because I’m kind of bothered by the lack of information.